It’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day

So i thought i’d break everyone off some quotes that don’t have the phrase “I have a dream in them” or anything else to silence those who object a white supremacist imperialist society.


“I’ve told the kids in the ghettos that violence won’t solve their problems, but then they ask me, and rightly so; “Why does the government use massive doses of violence to bring about the change it wants in the world?” After this I knew that I could no longer speak against the violence in the ghettos without also speaking against the violence of my government” 1967


“There are literally two Americas. One America is beautiful for situation. And in a sense this America is overflowing with the milk of prosperity and the honey of opportunity. This America is the habitat of millions of people who have food and material necessities for their bodies, and culture and education for their minds; and freedom and dignity for their spirits…

…Tragically and unfortunately, there is another America. This other America has a daily ugliness about it that constantly transforms the buoyancy of hope into the fatigue of despair. In this America millions of work-starved men walk the streets daily in search for jobs that do not exist. In this America millions of people find themselves living in rat-infected vermin-filled slums. In this America people are poor by the millions. They find themselves perishing on a lonely island of poverty in the midst of a vast ocean of material prosperity”

“Many white Americans of good will have never connected bigotry with economic exploitation. They have deplored prejudice but tolerated or ignored economic injustice.” Why We Can’t Wait, 1963.

“Our nation was born in genocide when it embraced the doctrine that the original American, the Indian, was an inferior race. Even before there were large numbers of Negroes on our shores, the scar of racial hatred had already disfigured colonial society. From the sixteenth century forward, blood flowed in battles of racial supremacy. We are perhaps the only nation which tried as a matter of national policy to wipe out its Indigenous population. Moreover, we elevated that tragic experience into a noble crusade. Indeed, even today we have not permitted ourselves to reject or feel remorse for this shameful episode. Our literature, our films, our drama, our folklore all exalt it.” Why We Can’t Wait, 1963.

“Discrimination is a hellhound that gnaws at Negroes in every waking moment of their lives to remind them that the lie of their inferiority is accepted as truth in the society dominating them.”

“I am sorry to have to say that the vast majority of white Americans are racists, either consciously or unconsciously.” “Which Way Its Soul Shall Go” 1967.

“Somebody told a lie one day. They couched it in language. They made everything Black ugly and evil. Look in your dictionaries and see the synonyms of the word Black. It’s always something degrading and low and sinister. Look at the word White, it’s always something pure, high and clean. Well I want to get the language right tonight. I want to get the language so right that everyone here will cry out: ‘Yes, I’m Black, I’m proud of it. I’m Black and I’m beautiful!”


“The Republican Party geared its appeal and program to racism, reaction, and extremism. All people of goodwill viewed with alarm and concern the frenzied wedding at the Cow Palace of the KKK with the radical right.” his autobiography.

I hope people find inspiration and validation in these quotes, and maybe that these speeches become more popular than his one about the dream.



Inspiration for this post comes from this comic strip:

Peace Center Retreat!

Hello everyone,

We have started forming our calendar for the year and one of the many events we have approaching is the Winter Retreat! The Winter Retreat will be held January 29th and 30th from 4pm to 4pm. This will be the last Peace Center Retreat held in the Wesley Foundation as we know it. There will be memories, activities, and ideas to exchange. And Food. we are hoping to get as many former members and members abroad to visit if possible for this retreat. If you are able to attend, please fill out this survey so we know who is attending. If you would like to help us plan, come to our meeting tomorrow night at 6pm in the upper room of the wesley foundation!


Support Peace and Justice Building Work in Kalamazoo!

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It’s 2016 — and with your help, we can start a new year with an accessible, autonomous Peace Center office for organizing in the WMU and Kalamazoo communities.

The Peace Center is a group of unique, diverse and engaged community semesters and students on Western Michigan University’s campus. We aim to educate ourselves and others, organize around issues we are passionate about, agitate the institutions that be, and mobilize ourselves towards the creation and the vision of a better, more equitable world, starting with our community right here in Kalamazoo.

With every donation, you can receive from a local Kalamazoo business, such as Selner Bros, J-Bird Vintage Shop, or gifts from the Peace Center collective members. This is just one of many ways we intend on connecting individuals on-and-off campus to each other in Kalamazoo, to build a strong network of activists, artists and community members who are invested in social justice organizing. Will you help us reach our goal? Click here and/or share the image below to show you support peace and justice building in Kalamazoo. peacenjustice.

How is your institution eradicating racial marginalization?

8 Demands.jpg

Over the past week, universities have shown support and been inspired to act because of the demonstrators from University of Missouri. Widespread reports of what the demonstrators methods and racial climate of the school have been in the media.

But in this widespread fascination and admiration for this group’s success, people have spoken of their demands finally being met after the the university’s football team joined their action. The Concerned Student 1950’s demands go beyond the resignation of the school president and provost or acknowledgement of the racial climate: these students are demanding structural change to their university. From professors to mental support staff they are trying to make sure their campus is more accommodating not only for black students but all racially marginalized groups.

So for those who go to or went to Western Michigan University, or any other educational institution, ask yourself:

How many of your professors look like? If you are white, how many of your professors don’t?

How many safe places are there for marginalized students?

Classrooms and curricula that reflect your people’s experiences and history?

Mental Health Support that acknowledges you and your identities?

How does your institution works to serve you?

Great Afternoon to Protest Imperialism

soa 2015.jpg

Well at least to start travelling to protest the School Of Americas (more recently known as the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation) at Fort Benning near Columbus Georgia. The SOA/WHINSEC  has been connected to the brutal acts committed by many military leaders and dictators in Latin America to stop grassroots organizing and unionization of respective countries populations starting in the 1940s . The School of Americas began 25 years ago and exists today as a show  of solidarity with Latin America. There are vigils, marches, breakout sessions and workshops that all work to bring people together to honor lives lost to the SOA Graduates. Collective members have gone to this vigil every year to learn, share knowledge and stand in solidarity with attendees against Militarism in the Western Hemisphere. Upon their return, some collective members will share what they experiences, so stay tuned.



Feminist Luncheon Time

feminist luncheon

Hey everyone,

Another Feminist luncheon is upon us today, November 4, 2015. We will be discussing Black Cool: The appropriation of black culture and mannerisms with collective members Dee and Den. This topic ties into a lot of intersecting identities but namely black women & their features, being praised when worn by some but not by the originator. This is a pervasive matter in US society that branches into many facets of life and the world that many aren’t aware of. Hopefully we can see you today but if not, we’re having another discussion on November 18th and our last one for 2015 December 2nd. If you have a topic you want to discuss or a speaker that you would like us to invite, please email us at, it’s never too early to plan for next year.

Until next time,