As the saying goes “if you want peace, sow justice” to so justice, one must have a clear understanding of current events and issues we face. With mainstream news stations dominated with corporate interests, below are some sources for news that are less watered down, as well as perspectives that are traditionally silenced by the majority. We have included allies and links that are useful in our work for social justice, a peaceful world and a sustainable livable planet. If your organization seems to fit the criteria, please email The collective will consider adding you to our list of allies and resources.

Kalamazoo Nonviolent Opponents of War

Kalamazoo Nonviolent Opponents of War (KNOW) is an all-volunteer group of ordinary folks from all walks of life, who believe that our country can do better than expend our precious resources of life and treasure in seemingly endless wars.


KNOW was formed in 2002 to echo the voices for peace when the drums for the Iraq War were beginning to sound. One of KNOW’s main visible activities is standing for peace at weekly Sunday vigils.  KNOW has also organized various marches and candlelight vigils and commemorations, as well as public lectures and teach-ins.  Be-in-the-KNOW films series shows relevant peace and environmental documentaries.  We have arranged bus trips to New York City, Washington, D.C., and Chicago, to take part in national and regional protests, and have lobbied legislators around Iraq War funding, bringing the troops home, and funding domestic needs rather than war.

Democracy Now

Democracy Now! is a national, daily, independent, award-winning news program hosted by journalists Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez.


Democracy Now!’s War and Peace Report provides our audience with access to people and perspectives rarely heard in the U.S.corporate-sponsored media, including independent and international journalists, ordinary people from around the world who are directly affected by U.S. foreign policy, grassroots leaders and peace activists, artists, academics and independent analysts. In addition, Democracy Now! hosts real debates–debates between people who substantially disagree, such as between the White House or the Pentagon spokespeople on the one hand, and grassroots activists on the other.

Waging Nonviolence

Waging Nonviolence is a source for original news and analysis about struggles for justice and peace around the globe. Ordinary people build power using nonviolent strategies and tactics every day, even under the most difficult of circumstances, yet these stories often go unnoticed or misunderstood by a media industry fixated on violence and celebrity. Since 2009, WNV has been reporting on these people-powered struggles and helping their participants learn from one another, because we know that they can and do change the world.

We view nonviolence as neither a fixed ideology nor merely a collection of strategies. It is not passivity or the avoidance of conflict. Rather, “waging nonviolence” is the active pursuit of a better, less violent society by means worthy of the goal and those best suited to achieving it. WNV welcomes a diversity of voices and viewpoints that seek alternatives to violence through people power.

Anarchist News

An international news source created by folks from all over The goal of is to provide a non-sectarian source for news about and of concerns to anarchists.


The goal of is to provide a non-sectarian source for news about and of concerns to anarchists.

The Future of Freedom Foundation

The Future of Freedom Foundation is a libertarian news outlet that believes that the United States was founded on the principles of individual freedom, free markets, private property, and limited government. As the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution reflect, people have the natural and God-given rights to live their lives any way they choose, so long as their conduct is peaceful. It is the duty of government to protect, not destroy or infringe upon, these inherent and inalienable rights.


The mission of The Future of Freedom Foundation is to advance freedom by providing an uncompromising moral and economic case for individual liberty, free markets, private property, and limited government.

Earth First! Newswire

Earth First! formed in 1979, in response to an increasingly corporate, compromising and ineffective environmental community. It is not an organization, but a movement. Earth First! believes in using all of the tools in the toolbox, from grassroots and legal organizing to civil disobedience and monkey wrenching. When the law won’t fix the problem, Earth First!ers put their bodies on the line to stop destruction. Earth First!’s direct-action approach draws attention to the crises facing the natural world, and it saves lives. Earth First! is guided by a biocentric, deep ecology perspective.


The Earth First! Newswire has been launched as a project of the Earth First! Journal, and serves to provide news and information about direct action in defense of living systems and the natural world.

United Students Against Sweatshops

In the early 2000’s, Peace Center director Trina Tocco and other collective members worked to get the University administration to agree not to purchase athletic wear made in sweatshops. They also got the bookstore to agree not to sell sweatshop made apparel.


United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS) is a grassroots organization run entirely by youth and students. We develop youth leadership and run strategic student-labor solidarity campaigns with the goal of building sustainable power for working people. We define “sweatshop” broadly and consider all struggles against the daily abuses of the global economic system to be a struggle against sweatshops.

We envision a world in which society and human relationships are organized cooperatively, not competitively. We struggle towards a world in which all people live in freedom from oppression, in which people are valued as whole human beings rather than exploited in a quest for productivity and profits.

Kalamazoo Gay and Lesbian Resource Center

For more than twenty years the Kalamazoo Gay Lesbian Resource Center—a non-profit, charitable organization—has sought to serve the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and allied community of southwest Michigan. The Resource Center began in 1987 and has continued providing resources for queer/ LGBT youth and adults. They moved into their own space in 1992 and have been serving the community, offering resources, hosting events and advocating for equality and non-discrimination ever since.


To create a community that celebrates the diversity of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Beyond Nuclear

The Peace Center has a history with Swords into Plowshares organizing and worked around nuclear disarmament in the 1980s. Some collective members are nervous about the safety of Palisades as Kalamazoo is in the nuclear fall out evacuation zone. We have collaborated with Kevin Kamps of Beyond Nuclear on forums and worked with community members to raise awareness about the danger of all nuclear power plants.


Beyond Nuclear aims to educate and activate the public about the connections between nuclear power and nuclear weapons and the need to abandon both to safeguard our future. Beyond Nuclear advocates for an energy future that is sustainable, benign and democratic. The Beyond Nuclear team works with diverse partners and allies to provide the public, government officials, and the media with the critical information necessary to move humanity toward a world beyond nuclear.


InterOccupy seeks to foster communication between individuals, Working Groups and local General Assemblies, across the Occupy movement. InterOccupy uses direct democratic and horizontal decision-making processes in service to the interests of the 99%.


InterOccupy (IO) is an interactive space for activists looking to organize for global and local social change. Members of the Movement Building Working Group at Occupy Wall Street decided to hold an open conference call on October 24th, 2011 so that occupiers could share reports from their camps. The Conference calls have been happening ever since. InterOccupy have taken the lead with organizing relief efforts during Hurricane Sandy and the Oklahoma Tornado. InterOccupy has been a great resource for planning the Occupy National Gathering which will happen in Kalamazoo this August 21-25.

Campaign For New Priorities

We are an alliance of ordinary people from this community, from labor unions, peace groups, civil rights, and neighborhood organizations, coming together to bring a message of hope.


We believe that we must make democracy work by our involvement in the issues. We intend to raise the civil discourse to a higher level and hold our public officials and institutions accountable. To solve the serious problems which our country faces, we must change the priorities of our government. Instead of billions for endless wars, we must invest in new, green energy initiatives and other public works to create millions of jobs. Education and health care must be the new priorities of our society, even if taxes must go up for the top 1% of the wealthy.