Collective Members

Swords into Plowshares Peace Center of Kalamazoo Michigan

2101 Wilbur St, Kalamazoo, MI 49007

Current Co-Directors:

Marissa Ross (

Heeeeey Everybody. My name is Marissa and my pronouns are They, Them and Their(s). I am a recent WMU Graduate from the Psychology & English Departments. I am very excited about all the possibilities of working against discrimination and disenfranchisement in the Kalamazoo Community and look forward to building relationships with other organizations doing the same and Collective Members (maybe with the assistance of poetry).

Current collective members:

  • Morgan
  • Bee Egan
  • Denise Starks
  • Elvira Ruiz
  • Emily Keegan
  • Janea Wayne
  • Linnea Duncan
  • Kestrel
  • John Christie
  • Leah Jodoin
  • Ivan Martinez
  • Allie Spring

Former Peace Center Co-Directors:

  •  Kestrel (former Co-Director): They coordinates events, bottom-lines the capital campaign, facilitates meetings, brainstorms new projects, researches current events, talks on the phone, writes emails, types really fast and updates the website. Kes likes reading and writing, dancing and daydreaming about goats.
  • Nola Wiersma (former Co-Director): She communicates and networks with collective members to progress Peace Center movements and events. She likes punk rock, vegetables, rainy days and horses. To contact her, call 616.450.5504 or email her at
  • Benjamin Ayer (former Co-Director): He facilitated the collective meetings, assisted members in projects, sits on the board of directors and oversees the collective’s projects. He focuses much of his time on training new people and planning future programs. He is from Ann Arbor and enjoys kayaking. To get a hold of him, call 734.223.6265 or email
  • Bridget Dooley (former Co-Director): She coordinated events, facilitated meetings, sent lots of emails, and serves as a liason to the collective as a whole. She is a creative-writing major at WMU and likes to ride her bicycle and try, rather unsuccessfully, to grow plants in her front yard.  Now she is working dilligently on her M.A in Creative Writing

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  1. Dear Friend,

    As a representative for TZU CHI Foundation, USA, Kalamazoo chapter, we would like to arrange a proposal for community service such as ” warm blanket distribution for people in need”. for this winter 2009. Your kindly response for further communication would behelpful .

    Warm regards,

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