Rick Snyder and Michigan Money

Today Michigan Governor Rick Snyder is appearing before a  Congressional committee in attempts to explain his actions in the Flint Water Crisis and propose solutions during this hearing. He has been in preparation for weeks for this hearing as well as many others, including a group of school children from Flint, Michigan who traveled to give first hand accounts of what they’ve experienced in the past two years.

The congressional hearing has already gotten off to a start with a pretty clear position from some Congress Members: Rick Snyder and the EPA can in no way deny that they weren’t aware of this situation. After weeks of recall petitions being sent in and a scramble to use tax payer dollars for legal defense, Rick Snyder has very few supports to stand on while trying to fix this ordeal.

While there are honestly very good reasons on both sides about the tax payed lawyers and his resignation, I hope that this congressional hearing will result in expedited tangible plans that help the community and hopefully undo all of the agreements the governor made with nestle before he’s removed from his place in office. Here is one of the many petitions that hopes to focus on a budget for fixing the infrastructure of Flint, like what was done in Lansing  a few years ago.

Visit this page to watch the hearing and testimonies.

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