Voting in the US

I’m gonna be really US/Michigan centric with y’all for a quick second. T0day is the Michigan Primary for the Presidential Election and I don’t really have any political affiliations. I voted, because i like to believe in the political process but I don’t put a lot of stock into who becomes president. I’ve become satisfactorily disillusioned from the presidency and what someone in that position can get done after learning about the unpopularized decisions of the Obama Administration and all of the systemic (and super imperialistic) work that paved the way for his presidency. I don’t really believe the President can directly change my life, in immediate ways for better or worse. Not the way election speeches would lead me to believe.

What I have started to believe in is policy and local elections. The first time I voted, there were proposals for bills and policies on the ballots and I only knew two of them. I knew the presidential names for sure, but not who or how to choose people for the city board, the board of education. I had my grievances with the systems in the city and let that help me choose but I really wasn’t sure what I was choosing. The experience was enough for me to not want to vote in local elections in Kalamazoo because the back end of the ballot was impacting people’s lives. Decisions about local (county & state) elections affected children’s education, the livability of neighborhoods after oil spills, who would and what would be decided about the construction of a new prison.

Local, county, and state elections are directly affecting people’s lives. So I hope there are ways to carry the momentum of the presidential election into other elections. Your vote means more than who gets to be president.


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