Boots Riley to speak tomorrow despite free speech censorship on Western’s Campus

Boots Riley will be giving a keynote speech in celebration of the Kalamazoo Peace Center’s 35th Annual Peace Week! Boots Riley, an activist, musician, progressive labor advocate, union supporter, and overall revolutionary will be speaking tomorrow (Thursday) at 7pm in the Cafe of the Wesley Foundation of Kalamazoo, 2101 Wilbur Avenue. His lecture will consist of a brief history of his actions, as well as ideas and tactics to progress social justice. There will be a question and answer period, as well as a meet and greet after the lecture is finished.


Boots Riley is best known for his intellectual lyrics in his eclectic hip-hop, soul, funk, and and punk band The Coup. The group’s music is characterized by aggressive, yet danceable bass-driven backbeats overlaid by humorous, hopeful, and witty lyrics- with a bent towards the literary- that critique, observe, and lampoon capitalism, patriarchal exploitation and police brutality.

The Kalamazoo Peace Center was told by University correspondence that Boots Riley was not able to speak on Western’s campus without undercover police officer at the event. This is because his affiliation with the Occupy Movement, otherwise known as the 99%. Therefore, The Wesley Foundation has graciously supported Boots Riley’s right to free speech, as the Wesley building is not technically University campus.

As the 35th Annual Peace Week ensues, The Kalamazoo Peace Center urges you to come to this insightful, edgy, and musically influenced event. Admission is free thanks to Western Student Association Allocations Commission. Fun will be had.

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