DNR Public Auction Faced Strong Resistence

Despite huge public out cry, DNR director Keith Creagh proceeded to auction of 196,000 acres of mineral rights underneath Michigan yesterday, October 24th. Much of this land is being auctioned to oil and gas barons who will extract gas.

Eight protesters were arrested yesterday at the mineral rights auction. Seven remain imprisoned. Six of folks are facing felony resisting and obstructing charges as well as misdemeanor disrupting a public meeting charges. One is being charged by Lansing city police for walking in a way the police found to problematic. There were two balloon banners beautifully displayed as well as a canvas banner on the building across the street.

Development of a dangerous practice known as horizontal hydraulic fracturing has caused over 1000 cases of water contamination. The oil and gas companies don’t have to disclose the chemical slurry that goes into the wells. The injection wells (where volatile organic compounds (VOCS) left overs are stored) have caused earthquakes in Ohio.

Community members from around the country have voiced their concerns and outrage at horizontal hydraulic fracturing. In Michigan, the scientific evidence and anecdotes that the people have brought to the DNR fall on deaf ears. We need to continue fighting. Please chip in if you can. Resist unethical development of the places you love.

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