HullabaZOO : A Celebration of DIY

April 14th, 1pm-8pm


Kalamazoo and southwest Michigan in general are teeming with talented individuals who are full of knowledge and inspirational hobbies. On April 14th, from 1pm-8pm at the Wesley Foundation on Western Michigan University’s campus, there will be local vendors selling handmade crafts and goods, local community members giving free workshops, and local artists playing music for free.


Folks, this is a large part of what DIT is all about : forming strong communities that connect and sustain a culture of independence.  How do we represent those things? By celebrating and demonstrating, of course!

Local vendors will be selling handmade and up-cycled crafts. Supporting these artists will help keep money local and support hard-working micro-businesses these people maintain. Buying locally helps people value their purchase more, allows them to know the maker of the product, and forms a relationship that isn’t based on consumption or profit for either party.  Some handmade things that will be for sale include : quality leather-goods, recycled notebooks, zines, scarves, clothes,  jewelry, buttons, and magnets.  Some vintage clothing will also be for sale and Already Dead Tapes and Records will be selling items from their label.

Local and touring artists are playing music free of charge. As vendors sell their goods, mostly acoustic artists will play music to soothe your ears. Some local favorites include Arms Akimbo, Tim Tapper, and Jarad Selner. A special visit by the Grand Rapids band “Patchwork” will be sure to delight all. Touring musicians include Kyle Thomas and Brian Franklin.  Several all of these artists will have merchandise to purchase in support of their project and out-of-town/touring acts will be taking donations for travel.

Workshops are free. This means that a whole handful of people are passionate enough to share the knowledge they’ve gained in certain areas to those who are interested and willing to learn it. This is a sacrifice of their time and planning beforehand, all to bring you something you can benefit from. This is because communities should provide for one another. Here is the schedule of workshops:


1:30 — 2:30 : Screenprinting with Clem.
2:30 — 3:30 : Tie-Dying with Rory Svekric.
3:30 — 4:30 : Bike Maintenence with T.O.A.D. Bicycle Cooperative.
4:30 — 5:30 : Community Organizing with Marlee Grace of Brave Habits.
5:30 — 6:30 : Zine Making with Karen Heerenga of Mixtapers Do It Better.
6:30 — 7:30 : D.I.Y. ’til We Die: How and Why we Create Alternatives to Mainstream Culture with Lori of Sprout Anarchist Collective.

Food is in the process of being figured out, but it is possible that Food Not Bombs will provide some food, as well as the Campus Beet providing snacks for a small fee. If nothing else, HullabaZOO planners will be sure to give you a list of places nearby that you can easily find delicious grub.


This event is a chance to make new friends, learn new things about this wonderful city, and appreciate those around you. Embrace what you have. HullabaZOO!

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